Country Garden in Kent

The clients wanted a relaxed yet formal garden with space to entertain and for their children to play.

The levels in the rear garden necessitated a lower and upper terrace connected by a set of curved steps. The informal lower terrace is located next to a level playing area, with Oken sandstone paving interspersed with limestone cobbles ... Read more

Terraced Wildlife Garden

The clients wanted an attractive garden to view from the house and within the garden, with plants to attract wildlife. They wanted to retain the lower terrace and keep the existing levels.

The brick paved path around the house has three sets of steps leading onto the second level. The lawn is reduced due to the canopy and roots of the o... Read more

Rural Garden in East Sussex

The clients wanted a contemporary terrace and side garden, to complement the modern extension and first floor balcony, which sat easily within its rural location and existing landscaping.

An overgrown tree was removed from the main border which opened up the new terrace and allowed the sun to shine on an otherwise shady garden. A smaller... Read more

Riverside Garden

The house is located next to the River Cray. The clients wanted an attractive garden to view from the house and terrace, with raised borders and artificial lawn for dog friendliness and easy maintenance.

The existing house terrace was repaved with sandstone and wide steps built to lead down to the garden. A white rendered retaining wall ... Read more

Woodland Garden in Kent

The clients wanted an attractive garden to be viewed from the house and the garden, opening up the woodland area behind.

The terrace was extended along the house and the curved edge mimicked by the newly levelled lawn. The rear border was levelled and overgrown and dying plants removed to open the views into the woodland. The contoured ... Read more

Water Garden

The clients wanted an attractive side garden to view from the house, which included a Koi pond and a wildlife pond for their ducks. The side garden runs between the main front entrance and the lower garage and parking area, and is viewed from the first floor open plan kitchen. The natural fall in levels allowed the design of two ponds separated by... Read more

Woodland Front Garden

The house is located on the corner of two busy roads and is surrounded by mature trees for privacy. The clients wanted an attractive front garden which could survive the dry shade caused by the trees.

The lawn was removed and replaced with an extended planting area which sloped up from the thoroughfare to an oak sleeper retaining wall. ... Read more

Family Garden in North London

The clients wanted an attractive, child friendly garden with sun and shade terraces and safe access to the rear garage.

The shady house terrace is paved with a pale riven sandstone, to give ample space for dining table and chairs. The garden is retained with a hardwood sleeper wall, which also acts as informal seating. Sandstone steps le... Read more

Formal Rose Garden

The clients wanted a front garden in keeping with their Victorian house. They wanted all year interest and particularly liked roses.

A Victorian style parterre was designed, planted with low box hedges (Buxus sempervirens) and highlighted with pale gravel paths. Three sides of the parterre are planted with pastel coloured bulbs and peren... Read more

Party Garden

The clients wanted a garden which could be used for entertaining, from dining with four to partying with 30, but should be full of colour and encourage wildlife.

A hardwood table and chairs are located on the decked terrace midst containers filled with seasonal colour and fragrance. Views are of the wildlife pond, with pebble beach to en... Read more

Shady Front Garden

The house is located in a private estate and is surrounded by mature hedging and trees. The clients wanted an attractive, low maintenance front garden which could survive the dry shade.

The trees and hedges were pruned to allow more light into the shady garden. The lawn under the trees was removed and the reduced lawn shaped into a circu... Read more

Formal Garden

The clients wanted to maximise the area in this odd shaped rear garden, to give the feeling of open space.

The sandstone terrace is sited next to the house, with the edge detailed in granite cobbles and leading to the shady gazebo. The narrow borders are planted with evergreen standard Photinia x fraseri Red Robin to disguise the fences ... Read more

Creative Space Garden 2009

A small terrace or courtyard garden need not be dull and two dimensional. The Creative Space Garden shows that classic materials used with lush evergreen planting can turn a square into a three dimensional haven incorporating seating, views and a water feature. Strategically placed lighting allows use and views of the garden at any time.

... Read more

Chelsea Flower Show 2007

In 2007, the RHS introduced the new category of Roof Garden to the Chelsea Flower Show. The DHL Sun Chariot Garden highlights the many possibilities of gardening on a roof space and embraces all weathers expected in this lofty location.

The main feature is a large curvaceous seat made from slatted oak to baffle the wind. This, and a mat... Read more